Giovanni Girolamo Saccheri

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Saccheri, Giovanni Girolamo


Born Sept. 5, 1667, in San Remo; died Oct. 25, 1733, in Milan. Italian scientist. Jesuit.

Saccheri taught theology and mathematics at Jesuit colleges in Turin, Pavia, and Milan. He attempted to prove Euclid’s parallel postulate by denying it and seeking a resulting contradiction, but his efforts were doomed to failure (seeLOBACHEVSKIAN GEOMETRY). Saccheri derived some theorems that were rediscovered by A. Legendre, and he in effect discovered some basic propositions of non-Euclidean geometry.


Euclides ab omni naevo vindicatus; sive conatus geometricus quo stabiliun-turprima ipsa universaegeometriaeprincipia. Milan, 1733.
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Posiblemente ese provinciano universal llamado Inmanuel Kant no conocio nunca a Gerolamo Saccheri, un jesuita italiano nacido en 1667 que invento, sin saberlo, una geometria diferente a la de Euclides.