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Cori, Gerty Theresa:

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1896–1984, and Gerty Theresa Cori
, 1896–1957, American biochemists, b. Prague. Soon after receiving their medical degrees and marrying, they emigrated to the United States (1922), where they pursued their joint researches into the
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Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Gerty Cori and Hedy Lamarr are just a few examples of Jewish figures whose achievements have had a real and lasting impact on humanity.
The new system, named Cori after bio-chemist and Nobel Laureate Gerty Cori, will help support more than 5,000 scientists annually on more than 700 projects in the areas.
He was followed by Louis Pasteur, Eduard Buchner (cell-free active enzymes), Otto Warburg, Claude Bernard, and Carl and Gerty Cori, to name but a few.