Beggars of the Sea

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Beggars of the Sea:

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[Fr.,=beggars], 16th-century Dutch revolutionary party. In 1566 more than 2,000 Dutch and Flemish nobles and burghers (both Protestants and Roman Catholics) signed a document—the so-called Compromise of Breda—by which they bound themselves in solemn oath to
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Inquisitorial Cardinal Spinola with his papal ambitions, Enzo Palmieri and his financial interests, the Geuzen - Dutch Independence fighters played their powerful roles.
van Koppen (De geuzen van de negentiende eeuw, 1992), H.
Maleh, who spent six years as a political prisoner in the 1980s and was banned from leaving Syria, was awarded the Dutch Geuzen Medal in 2006, named after resistance fighters against the Nazis.
Maleh is one of the last outspoken critics of the political system inside Syria and winner of the Dutch Geuzen medal in 2006 for his advocacy of freedom and democracy.
In one of the show's few ironic gestures, the artists' group De Geuzen, from Holland, contributed Democracy, a doormat to welcome visitors, but for the most part this decidedly earnest exhibition charted out a hybrid resurgence of '70s-style activist art.
More telling is the broad-rimmed hat onto which he has affixed a crescent-shaped badge - the mark of the Dutch Geuzen (Gueux or Beggars), the shock troops of the rebel army and vanguard of the patriotic party.
In all events, the print is meant to convey a world-wide gallery of Habsburg enemies, and the Indians and Geuzen are placed prominently in the center.
A former judge, Maleh was awarded the Dutch Geuzen Medal in 2006 for his human rights work.
Several Western diplomats came to the military court building as Maleh, winner of a Dutch Geuzen medal in 2006 for promoting democracy, was being questioned in the basement.