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Raytheon is enthusiastic about continuing our support of the NOAA GFDL and its vital environmental research," said Mike Keebaugh, president, Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems, Raytheon Information Solutions' parent business unit.
Jerry Mahlman, the recently retired director of GFDL, has for years spoken eloquently about the dangers of climate change.
We are excited about becoming a part of this unique and innovative team at GFDL," said HPTi Group Vice President Scott F.
Unlike other models, the GFDL model forecasts wind speeds around the storm, providing some measure of its size.
We selected SGI for this major storage solution deployment based on the company's proven history of high performance, and the transparent access parallel DMF will provide to GFDL researchers," said Steve Baxter, program manager, CSC NPS.
Parallel DMF is able to support the largest and most active archives in the world, such as those at GFDL.
The SGI Origin 3800 systems have the ability to perform more than 900 billion floating-point arithmetic operations per second and have more than four times the performance of the three Cray computers that they replace," said Ellis Bailey, Raytheon's GFDL program manager.
GFDL is a federal research laboratory in the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, part of the U.
For more than 40 years, GFDL has been one of the world's leading laboratories in using supercomputers and advanced numerical models to better understand the meteorology and oceanography of the planet.
The SGI Origin 3000 series technology will greatly improve GFDL's ability to meet the demands of its scientific research," said Ellis Bailey, Raytheon's GFDL program manager.
GFDL is one of the nation's foremost computer laboratories concentrating primarily on the modeling of hurricanes and other large-scale weather phenomena.
Representatives from GFDL and SGI will be at SC2000 to present and explain the implementation.