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see Guelphs and GhibellinesGuelphs and Ghibellines
, opposing political factions in Germany and in Italy during the later Middle Ages. The names were used to designate the papal (Guelph) party and the imperial (Ghibelline) party during the long struggle between popes and emperors, and they were also used
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; HohenstaufenHohenstaufen
, German princely family, whose name is derived from the castle of Staufen built in 1077 by a Swabian count, Frederick. In 1079, Frederick married Agnes, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, and was created duke of Swabia.
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Their conduct led directly to the exile and dispossession of the Florentine Ghibellines.
Indeed Antonio Ivan Pini called Bologna a "Republic of notaries" during the rule of the popolo in the 1270s and 1280s when one of their own, Rolandino Passagieri, a doctor of notarial arts, led the dominant Guelf faction and spearheaded the exile of the Ghibelline faction lead by the Lambertazzi.
41 In medieval Italy the Ghibellines were supporters of Hohenstaufen emperors - what was the name of the rival party which supported the popes?
More importantly, unlike other heterodox groups at the time, such as the fraticelli and the beguines, the Spiritual Franciscans had wide impact, in that they gave doctrinal respectability to the beliefs espoused by the Ghibellines in challenging papal authority.
19) Poems were written under Caesar and Augustus, under the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, under Napoleon and Nikolai I, in the time of both Stalin and Roosevelt.
Explicitly political texts (at least those whose politics were more contemporary than the tensions between Guelphs and Ghibellines in thirteenth-century Florence) were widely considered unfit subjects for serious study.
I don't want to revisit the time when a perpetual war, as between Guelphs and Ghibellines, raged between supporters of Gielgud and Olivier.
We no longer need to side with the Guelphs or the Ghibellines, or to vote for the right or the left, in order to be Christian.
And the Guelphs, the party of the lesser nobles and the artisans, bitterly opposed to the principles and conduct, the heedless self-interest of the Ghibellines.
The work deals with a thirteenth century war between two political parties, the Guelphs of Bologna and the Ghibellines of Modena caused, if one can believe it, by the theft of a bucket.
50) For sixteenth-century accounts of violent outbursts between student factions, see Rossi, 111-12, 130-36, 151-52, 209-10; Cremonini, 1948, 64, attacks Jesuit teaching and compares the student rivalries to the bloody history of the Guelphs and Ghibellines.
Here are a couple of studies, at each end one: here will I act such a tragi-comcedy betweene the Guelphes, and the Ghibellines, DAW and LA-FOOLE--which of 'hem comes out first, will I seize on: (you two shall be the chorus behind the arras, and whip out betweene the acts, and speake.