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(Arabic; literally, youth or slave). (1) A slave in Muslim countries during the Middle Ages.

(2)Permanent mounted guard in the Abbasid Caliphate, created under Caliph Mamun (ruled 813–833) and recruited from young slaves, primarily of Turkish origin, who were purchased and brought from abroad. The term ghulam (synonym, Mamluk) was retained for the soldiers of the court guards in other medieval Muslim states.

(3)Rank and file soldiers in the feudal militia in the Ottoman Empire during the Middle Ages.

(4)Guardsmen-slaves of Turkish origin in the Delhi Sultanate (India) and the sultans of Delhi between 1206 and the 1290’s, who came from among the commanders of these guardsmen.

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According to police, a police team, on a lead of under-custody accused Ghulam Mustafa was going to arrest his accomplices when three unidentified outlaws opened fire at police van to get Ghulam Mustafa freed near Kanganpur.
Legendary Pakistani Ghazal singer Ghulam Ali has cancelled all his future concerts in India, saying he will not perform in the country until issues between the two neighbouring nations settle down.
AS THE Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) decided to field two candidates each for the Rajya Sabha elections from Jammu and Kashmir, the Congress on Tuesday said it would field only senior party leader Ghulam Nabi Azad for the polls if at all the party wanted to field any candidate.
But Huddersfield businessman Ghulam Rasool is finally close to realising his dream.
According to Ghulam Ali's brother, Ashiq Ali, four armed robbers barged into the bungalow, locked the family inside a room, ransacked every nook and corner, and got away with gold ornaments weighing around 90 tolas, nearly Rs 700,000 in cash, and several mobile phones, reports The News.
Tariq Ghulam, 29, targeted the boys who worked in his shop in Elphinstone, East Lothian.
Grenadier Guardsman Daniel Crook was hung over from a vodka binge when he attacked Ghulam Nabi.
According to the IEC website, winners of the four seats allocated to Badghis are Haji Ghulam Sarwar Faiz, Habibullah Qadisi, Syed Muhammad Musa Janab Sahib and Wakeel Azita Rafat.
8 -- Sindh Election Tribunal headed by Justice Ghulam Sarwar Korai of Sindh High Court Saturday issued notice on application seeking verification of intermediate degree issued to PPP-Parliamentarian leader, Ghulam Qadir Malkani, who contested February 2008 election from PS-87, Thatta.
The family, residents of Niazi Adda area, said they had brought Ghulam Rasool to the Services Hospital Emergency Ward, where he died while receiving medical treatment.
Organisers were talking about their ambitious plans to hold the second AaeDay of GratitudeAAE as a tribute to his father, Ghulam Khamis, the sultanateAAEs first sports star, who passed away on November 17 last year.
The man, Sayed Ghulam, is recovering in a hospital in Kandahar.