see GhorGhor,
, or Ghur
, mountainous region and province (1979 est. pop. 341,000), 14,085 sq mi (36,479 sq km), W central Afghanistan, including a ruined medieval city of the same name. Chagcharan is the provincial capital.
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, Afghanistan.
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I've been waiting for Ghur to turn up on the AW, and was very tempted to put her up for the nursery (7.
Ghur made a promising start at Carlisle and can go one place better in the British Stallion Studs Supporting British Racing EBF Maiden Stakes.
The archaeologists comprising the Minaret of Jam Archaeological Project (MJAP) have excavated at what was likely the Ghurid summer capital of Firuzkuh (modern Jam, Ghur Province).
Hazaras Sunnis are living in Badakhshan, Takhar, Konduz, Panjshir, Baghlan, Sar i pol, Jawzjan, Faryab, Ghur and Badghis.
The growers preferred supplying their crop to Ghur Ghanis for manufacturing of Ghur, who offer good price to them as compare to sugar mills.
Your nd o wr your hron your svofn ms ihrd for you noo ghur.
Karak, Sep 25 (Petra) -- A heavy cloudburst on Sunday evening in the Southern Ghur Al-Saffi district in the Jordan Valley forced the evacuation of a number of families whose houses were inundated with waters and caused power outages.
The PSMA suggested the government not to allow export of raw sugar but the government loosed about one lakh tonne refined sugar making capacity through making of Ghur and its export.
It will be more complicated to go through new checkpoints,AAEAAE says Mayor Naji Suleiman of Beit Ghur [el]-Tahta, as he stood alongside a newly completed inspection booth and retractable steel column that Palestinians will need to pass through to get on the road.
Bonn Agreement, supra note 12; see Ebrahim Afsah & Alexandria Ghur, Afghanistan: Building a State to keep the Peace, in 9 MAX PLANK U.
In this context, the Johnston Plan for Middle East water allocation, which was developed in the mid-1950s, called for, among other things, a West Ghur canal to supply the West Bank with 120 MCM to meet the needs of Palestinians.