Gian Francesco Malipiero

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Malipiero, Gian Francesco


Born Mar. 18, 1882, in Venice; died Aug. 1, 1973, in Treviso. Italian composer, musicologist, and music critic.

Malipiero taught composition at the Parma Conservatory from 1921 to 1924 and at the Liceo Musicale B. Marcello in Venice from 1932 to 1953. He became the director of the latter in 1940. One of the most important representatives of modern Italian music, Malipiero was influenced by impressionism and neoclassicism and was greatly interested in old Italian music. He created works of various genres, including the operas Three Comedies of Goldoni (1926), Julius Caesar (1936; based on Shakespeare); Antony and Cleopatra (1938, based on Shakespeare), and Don Juan (1964, based on Pushkin). He generally wrote his own librettos. Malipiero was the author of monographs on C. Monteverdi, A. Gabrieli, A. Vivaldi, and I. F. Stravinsky. He also edited the collected works of Monteverdi, Gabrieli, B. Marcello, G. Tartini, B. Galuppi, and other composers.


Cosi va lo mundo (1922-1945). Milan, 1946.


Labroca, M. G. F. Malipiero. Venice, 1957.
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