giant African land snail

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giant African land snail,

any of several species of large terrestrial snailssnail,
name commonly used for a gastropod mollusk with a shell. Included in the thousands of species are terrestrial, freshwater, and marine forms. Some eat both plant and animal matter; others eat only one type of food.
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 of tropical Africa that have become agricultural pests in other regions of the world. The species include the giant African snail (Lissachatina fulica, formerly Achatina fulica) of E Africa and the giant Ghana tiger snail (A. achatina), the banana rasp snail (Archachatina marginata), and the Nigerian land snail (Limicolaria aurora) of W Africa. Several of the species may reach 8 in. (20 cm) in length and have shells that are brownish with yellowish vertical stripes; the smaller Nigerian land snail is only 2.5 in. (6 cm) long and has whitish stripes. The snails have become widespread in the Indo-Pacific region and are also found in parts of the Caribbean and Central and South America; Florida has suffered several infestations. The giant African snail is an especially damaging pest to a wide range of plants, and also can damage plaster and stucco on buildings. The snails also may carry parasitic nematodes that can cause meningitis in humans. Giant African land snails are classified in the phylum MolluscaMollusca
, taxonomic name for the one of the largest phyla of invertebrate animals (Arthropoda is the largest) comprising more than 50,000 living mollusk species and about 35,000 fossil species dating back to the Cambrian period.
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, class Gastropoda, family Achatinidae.
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ABSTRACT: We conducted an assessment of abundance, host plant utilization and behavior of the invasive Phytopolyphagous giant African snail, Achatina from selected sites in Mindanao, Philippines in situ.
The land snail Achatina fulica (Ferussac, 1821), known as Giant African Snail (GAS), is native to the Central Northeast coast of Africa and is found on all continents (Prasad, Singh, Senani, & Medhi, 2004; Mata & Mata, 2012; Almeida, 2016).
Because of its carnivorous habits, the wolfsnail was introduced to Indian and Pacific Ocean Islands from the 1950s onwards as a biological control agent for the giant African snail (Achatina fulica).
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The protesters were calling for the revocation of the recently-signed mining act, which they claim benefited only foreign mining companies, depleted the country''s minerals as well as causing the displacement of residents and indigenous peoples from mining sites | WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 19: A giant African snail which was part of a group of 36 giant snails that was seized from a passenger''s luggage at Glasgow airport.