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(gĭb`ēə) [Heb.,=hill]. 1 In the Bible, home town and capital of Saul; the present-day Tell el-Ful, the West Bank, 3 mi (4.8 km) N of Jerusalem. A fortress that may have been Saul's residence was excavated there.


See L. A. Sinclair, An Archaeological Study of Gibeah (1960).

2 In the Book of Joshua, town, S ancient Palestine, somewhere S of HebronHebron,
Arab. Al-Khalil, city (2003 est. pop. 155,000), the West Bank. Hebron is situated at an altitude of 3,000 ft (910 m) in a region where grapes, cereal grains, and vegetables are grown.
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. The Gibeah of Second Chronicles may be the same as either of these or a different place. See also GibeaGibea
, in the Bible, name of Caleb's grandson occurring in a list of Judahite towns. It is possibly the same as Gibeah (2.)
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Witness the Streets of SODOM, and that night In GIBEAH, when hospitable Dores Yielded thir Matrons to prevent worse rape.
32) Although the residents of the city of Gibeah are Israelites, the two have difficulty finding a place to spend the night.
Because some men in the Benjamite town of Gibeah wanted to have same-sex sex with a Levite and his male servant who were staying the night in the town, it ended up with the tribe of Benjamin nearly wiped out by their own brothers, with the exception of "600 men who fled into the desert to the rock of Rimmon.
They also include the leaders of intertribal conflict among the Israelite confederation culminating with the massacre of the tribe of Benjamin at the battle of Gibeah, putting an end to the judges' era.
Similar testimony appears in the tale of the concubine at Gibeah, where Jerusalem is termed a "city of foreigners" (Judges 19:12).
Among her topics are whether ancient Israel is a fiction or historical reality, Saul and David, Gibeah of Saul, and from Saul to schism.
66) That is to say it included the tragedy of Samson, and went on to dramatise the defeat of Gibeah by the Israelites (Judges 17-21).
This atrocity takes place in the city of Gibeah, Saul's ancestral home, and so the narrative maybe considered an anti-Saulide polemic.
Sir, - There is a story at the end of the Book of Judges, the seventh book in the Bible, in which a stranger takes refuge in a house in Gibeah, a town of Benjamin, one of the tribes of Israel.
As the context of this remark is the story of the multiply-raped and murdered woman in Gibeah whose severed body is sent throughout Israel, which event subsequently provokes a bloody civil war, the sarcasm and irony of this phrase leads us to conclude that this period is one of moral chaos.
2) Smoke signals were used to signal the start of the bloody conflict between the Children of Israel and of those of Benjamin after the abusive killing of the concubine at Gibeah (Judg.