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see Bible societiesBible societies,
a movement formed for the translation, printing, and dissemination of the Holy Scriptures; for much of its history it was predominantly Protestant, but there now is considerable Roman Catholic and Orthodox involvement.
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In a similar case from Alabama, officials with the public school system in Limestone County have agreed to stop allowing the Gideons to distribute Bibles in school.
Bob Lambert, president of the local Gideons chapter, said his group voluntarily withdrew because it did not want any negative publicity.
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Nixon's son told him that the principal had summoned all the fifth and sixth graders into the auditorium for an assembly, where they were given New Testaments by a local insurance agent who is active in the Gideons, an evangelical Christian organization that distributes Bibles to the public.
Antolick confirmed that the Gideons had distributed Bibles in the school, said it happens annually and stated that he did not believe it was a violation of the law.
Residents had complained that the Gideons asked bus drivers to distributes Bibles to the children and on one occasion arranged to have the drivers take the buses to a private park where children were discharged and given Bibles.
In conversing with the Gideons prior to the date of distribution, they had mentioned a process of handing out Bibles which was completely contrary to what actually happened on May 20, 1999.
Bank South has had an active partnership with Gideons since 1988.
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