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(1) Billion (10 to the 9th power). Abbreviated "G," it is a prefix for capacities and speeds (gigabits, gigabytes, gigahertz, etc.). Giga may refer to 1,000,000,000 or 1,073,741,824, the latter based on the binary system (see NIST binary). See GB, gig, binary values and space/time.

(2) A prefix attached to common, non-computer words that means a very large size or quantity. For example, "gigabucks" means a lot of money. Both "giga" and "mega" are used in this manner, although giga means billion and mega means million. See mega.

giga (G)

A prefix meaning multiplied by 109.
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Giga Scale Integration Corporation (Giga Scale IC(TM))
As part of Gigascale Systems Research Center's (GSRC) System-Level Living Roadmapping session at its Quarterly Workshop, George Janac, Giga Scale IC's CEO, will speak about the Motivation and Use Models behind ChipEstimate.
today announced an agreement with chip-estimation and optimization specialist Giga Scale Integration Corporation (Giga Scale IC(TM)) that will link VCX Software's IP access and management technology into Giga Scale's new chip planning suite, InCyte(TM), also announced today.
Giga Scale IC(TM) will offer customers a direct on-line connection to the aggregated information at the VCX Gateway server through its new estimization optimization tool suite, InCyte(TM).
Joint Report Part of Giga Initiative to Work with Leading
Weiler, Giga Information Group's president, chairman and chief executive officer.
Giga Information Group (NASDAQ: GIGX) today announced that its eShop is now open for business.
Giga's eShop offers select Giga Planning Assumptions -- catalyst-driven research documents that provide detailed analysis of topics and include Giga's position on the topic, supporting data, recommendations and an alternative view; Giga Ideabytes -- concise discussions of analyst ideas and recommendations on a particular topic; and Giga Ideabundles, which group several related Ideabytes together for a broader discussion of a topic.
17, 1996--A Giga Information Group analysis published today shows a potential for significant return on investment for companies implementing a Virtual Sales Channel to conduct sales on the Internet.
The Giga analysis explores the impact on companies which take an incremental approach to Internet-based sales by implementing a Virtual Sales Channel as a supplement to other important distribution channels, such as catalogs, direct sales, and distribution.
The Giga service model delivers customized and strategic market knowledge that provides competitive advantage to IT decision-makers in user organizations, to vendors, and to investors.
Giga Advisory services offers a broad range of analysis on emerging and established technologies, including intranets, workgroup computing, personal productivity, electronic commerce and more.