Gil Evans

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Evans, Gil (b. Ian Green)

(1912–87) jazz musician; born in Toronto, Canada. He was a pianist and arranger whose landmark orchestrations for Miles Davis included "The Birth of the Cool," "Porgy and Bess," and "Sketches of Spain."
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Composer Kurt Weill's "My Ship," a challenging choice featuring a woodwind chorus arranged by saxophonist Gary Meek, was inspired by the version Miles Davis and Gil Evans had recorded on the Miles Ahead album.
The music has everything from funk to hip-hop to African tinges to circular beats and Stefon weaves those things together to create a tone poem that is like a 21st-century version of Gil Evans.
We are soon rudely brought back to reality by some of the most adventurous music I have heard since Gil Evans and Carla Bley.
This didn't stop him from making music with Gil Evans, and the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to Louis Malle's film Lift to the Scaffold.
1974, 1975 National Endowment for the Arts, Jazz Composition Grants to create original compositions for the Gil Evans Orchestra, NYC.
The three albums that placed Miles (and various group members) in sophisticated orchestral settings at Columbia, all notably arranged and conducted by Gil Evans, namely Miles Ahead, Porgy And Bess, and Sketches Of Spain.
Play Gil Evans Mike Gibbs + Twelve IN January last year, Jazzlines, in its previous incarnation as Birmingham Jazz, presented a concert in honour of the 100th anniversary of Gil Evans' birth, and who better to celebrate the great arranger than another great arranger.
Though he is primarily known to the masses, if he is known to them at all, as the brother of Tony Levin (bassist for King Crimson and session player extraordinaire, as well as the bassist without whom Peter Gabriel reportedly refuses to tour), keyboardist Pete Levin has actually been a hugely in-demand player himself for over three decades, most notably as a long-term member of the Gil Evans Orchestra; his career has also included sessions and tours with such artists as Paul Simon, Jaco Pastorius, John Scofield, Robbie Robertson, Jimmy Giuffre, and Annie Lennox.
Don worked with the great American band leader Gil Evans and with UK master of jazz piano Stan Tracey.
The second half of the program will feature works by Miley, a young composer who won the International Association for Jazz Education's Gil Evans Fellowship in jazz composition.
His approach is timeless, whether in the context of Jimmy Smith's organ trio of the '50s, collaborations with Coleman Hawkins and Gil Evans in the '60s or the contemporary jam scene spearheaded by Medeski Martin & Wood.
Sheppard has collaborated with some of the world's best contemporary- styled jazz musicians and his playing has enhanced the output of Steve Swallow, Carla Bley, George Russell and Gil Evans.