Gilbert de la Porrée

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Gilbert de la Porrée

(zhēlbĕr` də lä pôrā`), 1076–1154, French scholastic philosopher, b. Poitiers. He taught for 20 years at Chartres, where he was for some time chancellor. He later lectured at Paris. In 1142 he was made bishop of Poitiers. He was twice accused of heresy. Gilbert's works—De sex principiis, an elucidation of Aristotle's last six categories, and his commentary on the De trinitate ascribed to Boethius—reveal his somewhat obscure position in scholastic realism, to which he adhered in a moderated form.


See his Commentaries on Boethius ed. by N. M. Häring (1966); study by M. E. Williams (1951).

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It becomes apparent that the basic sources of Bartholomaeus' work are the Bible, the Gloss of Gilbert de la Porree, the Sententiae of Peter Lombard, the natural sciences of Aristotle, and the ancient encyclopaedias of Pliny and Isidore of Seville.