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see Giraldi, Giovanni BattistaGiraldi, Giovanni Battista
, 1504–73, Italian author, known also as Cinthio, Cintio, Cinzio, or Cyntius. He wrote tragedies, lyric verse, and tales. Some of the stories in his Ecatommiti
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As Mann points out, the few poems by authors other than Guarini reserve some surprises because of their somewhat retrospective character: a sonnet by Giusto de' Conti (a poet active in the first half of the fifteenth century), two sonnets by Giovanni Battista Giraldi Cinzio (1504-1573), a sonnet by Girolamo Muzio (1496-1576), and a sonnet by Bernardo Tasso (1493-1569).
See Giovanni Battista Giraldi Cinthio, Gli Hecatommithi, Decade 3, Story 7, cited in Bullough, 7: 239-52.

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