Giovanni Gabrieli

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Gabrieli, Giovanni


Born 1557 (?), in Venice; died Aug. 12, 1612 or 1613, in Venice. Italian composer. Nephew and pupil of A. Gabrieli.

From 1575 to 1579, Gabrieli was a member of the court choir conducted by O. Lasso (Munich). From 1584 he was an organist at St. Mark’s Cathedral (Venice). Gabrieli was a great master of the Venetian school and the author of ecclesiastical polyphonic compositions for several choruses, orchestras, and two organs. His “Sacred Symphonies” laid the foundation for orchestral music, and his organ works were the first examples of solo organ music. The German composer H. Schütz studied with Gabrieli.


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A niche element of their repertoire has always remained baroque music, and Saturday's concert took us right to the heart of Venetian polychoral music, with magnificent liturgical settings by Giovanni Gabrieli.
The Scholars will be joined by Durham Cathedral Choir for part of the concert singing works for double choir by Palestrina and Giovanni Gabrieli.
30 Composers of the Week: Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli.
The 13 trombonists will perform "Bone Week Fanfare" by Brad Edwards; Canzona for Eight Trombones by Walter Hartley; Motets by Anton Bruckner; and "Tower Music" by Vaclav Nelhybel; along with music by Enrique Crespo, Giovanni Gabrieli and Camille Saint-Sa'ns.
This Sunday the internationally-renowned Gabrieli Consort & Players hold sway with, at noon, a programme of English, Italian and Spanish instrumental music from the Players, followed at 3pm by the complete ensemble re-creating a 16th Century Venetian coronation with the music of Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli complemented by Gregorian chant and rousing fanfares.
It's 30 years since McCreesh founded the Gabrieli Consort, and 400 years since the death of composer Giovanni Gabrieli.
A crucial reason for such interest would have to be his connections to major composers of the genre, among them Giovanni Gabrieli and Hans Leo Hassler, who were close friends with each other, and very likely met Gumpelzhaimer.
In addition, UO student soloists will be featured in works by Leroy Anderson, Giovanni Gabrieli, Edward Gregson and J.
A 17th Century Venetian programme features works by Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Bassano and Grandi.
The canals, often compared in length to Venice's, at last found a cultural link with them as chamber choir Ex Cathedra staged what turned out to be a highly ambitious performance of 17th Century music by Giovanni Gabrieli.
Program includes works by Grainger, Jacob, John Williams and Giovanni Gabrieli.
Throughout this collection, Franck lends a Venetian flavor to his motets by exploiting traditional polychoral exchanges and lively contrasting sections in triple meter, as well as by incorporating cadential formulas inspired by the works of Giovanni Gabrieli and other composers.