Giovanni Battista Riccioli

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Riccioli, Giovanni Battista


Born Apr. 17, 1598, in Ferrara; died June 25, 1671, in Bologna. Italian astronomer.

Riccioli’s work A lmagestum novum (New Almagest) was published in 1651. An encyclopedia of the astronomical knowledge of the time, the A Imagestum included the minutes of the trial of Galileo and the text of Galileo’s recantation. It also included a map of the moon, on which craters were named after astronomers.

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Notes: Named by Italian astronomer Giovanni Riccioli, pioneer lunar scholar who first named features on the Moon for scientists.
The Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis) landing site was named by priest-astronomer Giovanni Riccioli in the 17th century.