Giovanni Villani

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Giovanni Villani
Banker, Official, Diplomat, Chronicler

Villani, Giovanni


Born in the second half of the 13th century in Florence; died there in 1348. Florentine chronicler and statesman.

During 1316-1321, Villani was a priore (member of the government) of the Florentine republic. His chronicle, dedicated to the history of Florence, brings the exposition of events up to 1348 and contains rich and sufficiently precise material on Florentine economics.

It also provides a summary of political events in Italy in the first half of the 14th century. The author reflects the moods of the popolo grasso. In his works a medieval world view is combined with a realism in the description of events that is characteristic of the Renaissance. Villani’s brother Matteo continued the chronicle to the year 1363, and then a nephew, Filippo, brought it up to 1364.


Cronica. Florence, 1923.


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Giovanni Villani, che aveva dedicato nella cronaca capitoli interi a Maometto, (13) riporta una leggenda su Maometto legata ad altri concetti, tra i quali il culto delia magia.
Chroniclers like Giovanni Villani, Filippo Rinuccini, and Marchione Stefani are cited in evidence without consideration of bias and distortion.
Ser Giovanni's choice of a single historical source, Giovanni Villani, is therefore just as telling as his selection of material, insofar as it was upheld by Florentine conservatives (while under attack by humanists) and could be used to demonstrate the author's patent sympathies for the Guelphs.
Giovanni Villani writes that Dino was a "grandissimo Dottore in Fisica, et in piu scienzie naturali et Filosofiche, il quale al suo tempo fu il migliore, e piu Sovrano Medico, che fosse in Italia" (Historia Florentini 10.
Col saggio di Marina Marietti ("De la Chronique a la nouvelle: la reecriture de Giovanni Villani par l'auteur du Pecorone") si torna alla problematica del rapporto fra generi letterari diversi, alla questione cioe di come il testo delle cronache di Giovanni Villani sia stato adattato al quadro di quella che si presenta come una raccolta di novelle.
Embedded as they were in the very fabric of the building, these markers would have tied individuals and families close to the hope of salvation, especially if they believed, as Giovanni Villani (ca.
The historical evidence in Li Livres dou Tresor was mined by Giovanni Villani to write his Chronica.
13) According to the chronicler Giovanni Villani, the Florentine archbishop of Pisa and the bishops of Spoleto and Fiesole assisted Cingoli in recovering the relics.
45) Dominici stressed that the Florentines were the descendants of the ancient Romans, thus repeating the claims of earlier writers (such as Giovanni Villani or Remigio de' Girolami) and voicing the opinions of contemporary ones (such as Leonardo Bruni and Coluccio Salutati), underlining the connection between republican Rome and Florence.
Reiterated as recently as Spilner (396) and Rubinstein (6, 12), the notion appears first in (and uncritically relies on) Giovanni Villani (writing decades after the event, however, 8: 26; see below nn.
When warranted, he extends his analysis to pre-Renaissance scholars, such as Dante, Ptolomey of Luca, and Giovanni Villani.
One is reminded of the story told by Giovanni Villani of how the commune, around the turn of the fourteenth century, decided to build the tower of its new town hall on top of the preexisting family tower of one great family (the Foraboschi) and to convert the site of the demolished houses of another (the Uberti) into a public square so that this exiled magnate family's houses would never be rebuilt.