Giovanni delle Bande Nere

Giovanni delle Bande Nere:

see Medici, Giovanni de'Medici, Giovanni de',
or Giovanni delle Bande Nere
[Ital.,=of the black bands], 1498–1526, Italian condottiere; great-grandson of Lorenzo de' Medici (d. 1440, brother of Cosimo de' Medici, 1389–1464).
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He offers up the example of Giovanni delle Bande Nere, Cosimo's father, as proof of Florentine prowess in arms, and he credits Medici patronage for the Florentine humanist tradition, specifically mentioning the work of Lorenzo il Magnifico, who "was the first after many years to recognize and appreciate nor only the sweetness and pleasantness of the Florentine language, but also its gravity and majesty.
Yet to this reviewer, the narrative's extended and glowing description of Cosimo's father, Giovanni delle Bande Nere (35-36), and its reluctance to cast any shadow of blame for the Sack upon Charles V, suggest post-1527 embellishment and excision.