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see LagashLagash
or Shirpurla
, ancient city of Sumer, S Mesopotamia, now located at Telloh, SE Iraq. Lagash was flourishing by c.2400 B.C., but traces of habitation go back at least to the 4th millennium B.C. After the fall of Akkad (2180 B.C.
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During a pre-arranged visit in Shatra, near Girsu, crowds gather "to see the French.
A surface survey of Lagash, al-Hiba, 1984: shell artifacts from Lagash, al-Hiba; inscribed objects from Lagash, al-Hiba and Girsu.
Moreover, since it has been suggested that some of the tablets in the catalogue derive from Girsu and not Ur (see n.
From this brief period we have detailed information on all kinds of mundane topics, in particular from the old provincial centers Girsu and Umma, from royal administrative centers such as Drehem, and from such newly discovered "rural estates" as Garshana.
It seems to me that the reign of Amar-Sin achieved its most accomplished state in its administration of Drehem, even without the routine use of seals as in Girsu or Umma.
4]-u field that belonged to the Namhani temple in Girsu, then the date of the tablet, Amar-Sin 5, becomes interesting, as it was beginning in that year that an administrative reform transformed the old e-Namhani into the temple of the deified ruler, the e-Amar-Suen.
Heimpel, "The Industrial Park of Girsu in the Year 2042 B.
He states in the text that "it is clear that this number [of the ED IIIb Girsu administrative documents] is far below that of Fara," yet follows immediately in n.
Perhaps this generation will see one of the great Ur III archives like Girsu or Umma collected and systematically analyzed both in breadth and depth.
5-426), mais aussi celles des souverains contemporains pour lesquels on possed des inscriptions at qui ont regne a Girsu (pp.
The latter is found in texts form Girsu but not Umma.
Due to the copious epigraphic material unearthed by the French expeditions to Girsu (Tello) beginning in the last century, and to a much smaller extent by the American expedition to Lagash itself (Al-Hiba) in the 1970s, we know more by far about Lagash in the period prior to Sargon of Akkade, ED IIIb (ca.