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Alteration of any part of the earth's surface by passage of a glacier, chiefly by glacial erosion or deposition.
The transformation of cloud particles from waterdrops to ice crystals, as in the upper portion of a cumulonimbus cloud.



(1) All of the long-term natural ice, primarily glaciers—for example, mountain glaciation in the Caucasus and the Pamirs or continental glaciation in Antarctica and Greenland.

(2) The process of significant expansion of glaciers brought about by a change in climate.

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2] levels during the current glaciation are abnormal when compared to historic levels during glaciations.
Milanovsky that reviews his own work on the origin and development of ideas on Pliocene and Quaternary glaciations in northern and eastern Europe, Iceland, Caueasus and Siberia.
For sure, during the peak of the last glaciation global sea level was about 400 feet below its current position.
John's background in glacial geomorphology (his doctoral dissertation was on glaciation of Pembrokeshire) allows him to de-mystify the complexities of the glacial evidence.
That one was sometimes called the Wisconsin glaciation because evidence of its southernmost journey is shown by the remains of a smashed spruce forest at a place called Two Creeks, Wis.
Because glacial erosion has shaped so much of Atlantic Canada's landscape, one might expect that chemical weathering of the bedrock has been relatively insignificant since the last glaciation.
The most characteristic feature of the distribution of eskers is their occurrence in the centres of both the Scandinavian and Wisconsin glaciation areas.
Shaped by at least four periods of glaciation, the topography of the park features rolling hills interspersed with bogs, beaver ponds, swamps, islands, and lakes.
The closing of the Central American Seaway initially may have warmed Earth's climate, but then set the stage for glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere at about 2.
Joel Greenberg has filled this book with what I can only describe as everything that anyone would ever need to know about the natural history - such as glaciation, the effects of animals, etc - that had an effect on making the Chicago region into what it is today.
When land is stripped of its original vegetation by fire, flood or glaciation, an area of bare ground does not remain devoid of flora and fauna.
places in which marine micro-organisms lived and survived during the glaciation.