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an open place in a forest; clearing



a relatively small open area in a forest. Glades form when trees are destroyed as a result of wind, heavy snow, or fire. Forest renewal in glades is difficult because of the formation of ground cover and unfavorable temperature. A large number of glades negatively influences the growth of a forest.

References in classic literature ?
So saying, he strode away through the leafy forest glades until he had come to the verge of Sherwood.
He dropped down the rough, winding road through covered pasture, with here and there thickets of manzanita and vistas of open glades.
He learned where the wild deer, in their season, were to be found; when they raided the prune-orchard, the vineyards, and the apple-trees; when they sought the deepest canyons and most secret coverts; and when they stamped out in open glades and on bare hillsides and crashed and clattered their antlers together in combat.
Taking the rope and leading the way, I passed through a glade of tangled vines and bushes that ran between two wooded knolls.
277-286) Further yet you went, far-shooting Apollo, until you came to the town of the presumptuous Phlegyae who dwell on this earth in a lovely glade near the Cephisian lake, caring not for Zeus.
Only here and there were thickets, easily avoided, while he encountered winding, park-like glades where the cattle had pastured in the days before war had run them off.
Through the opening the young inventor saw, in a little glade, that which caused him to take a firmer grip on his electric rifle, and also a firmer grip on his nerves.
Follow yonder green path till it leads you into a little grassy glade, where is a crystal well and a hut of woven boughs hard by, and you shall see her whom you seek.
A moment of silence ensued, and then was heard the rustling of leaves and crackling of twigs like the coming of many men; and forth from the glade burst a score or two of stalwart yeomen, all clad in Lincoln green, like Robin, with good Will Stutely and the widow's three sons at their head.
On the way he came upon a herd of elephants standing in an open forest glade.
We occupied, in this place, the centre of a vast glade surrounded by the lofty foliage of the submarine forest.
Soon the Parsee stopped on the borders of the glade, which was lit up by the torches.