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an open place in a forest; clearing



a relatively small open area in a forest. Glades form when trees are destroyed as a result of wind, heavy snow, or fire. Forest renewal in glades is difficult because of the formation of ground cover and unfavorable temperature. A large number of glades negatively influences the growth of a forest.

References in classic literature ?
Then Robin took his good yew bow in his hand, and placing the tip at his instep, he strung it right deftly; then he nocked a broad clothyard arrow and, raising the bow, drew the gray goose feather to his ear; the next moment the bowstring rang and the arrow sped down the glade as a sparrowhawk skims in a northern wind.
Never a word said Robin Hood, but he looked at the foresters with a grim face; then, turning on his heel, strode away from them down the forest glade.
A blast upon the bugle summoned the bowmen to counsel, and they gathered in little knots and groups around a great fallen tree which lay athwart the glade.
A moment more and Jane Clayton's safety might have been assured, even though Numa, the lion, was already gathering himself in preparation for a charge; but Fate, already all too cruel, now outdid herself--the wind veered suddenly for a few moments, the scent spoor that would have led the ape-man to the girl's side was wafted in the opposite direction; Tarzan passed within fifty yards of the tragedy that was being enacted in the glade, and the opportunity was gone beyond recall.
One after another they looked longingly at the smooth level of elastic turf in the middle of the glade.
She pointed to the bubbling rivulet at the farther end of the glade.
The second person, who appeared to occupy a position of distinction at the dance in the glade, was a lady.
August the twenty-eighth-- the day we saw five live iguanodons in a glade of Maple White Land.
If, as Lord John said, the glade of the iguanodons will remain with us as a dream, then surely the swamp of the pterodactyls will forever be our nightmare.
Nathless now and again some luckless fellow would shoot awry and would be sent winding from a long arm blow from the tall lieutenant while the glade roared with laughter.
Soon the Parsee stopped on the borders of the glade, which was lit up by the torches.
The guide led them to the rear of the glade, where they were able to observe the sleeping groups.