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These distributors in turn supply end user industrial customers such as chemical/petrochemical, automobile, steel, glass, construction, smelting, janitorial, pharmaceutical and high technology electronics manufacturers, as well as hospitals and laboratories.
Majan Glass, Construction Material Industries, Oman Fisheries and Al Hassan Engineering increased by 4.
Collection and transport of residual waste, bulky waste, organic waste, green waste, Christmas trees, waste paper and waste electrical and electronic equipment;Recycling of paper and pro rata blocking waste from the street collection;Container service at the construction yard, recycling, cemeteries and other collection points including recycling of mixed scrap, flat glass, construction debris, cable, waste wood, waste textiles and green waste
The sectors within ZonesCorp's industrial cities include manufacturing, assembly engineering and processing industries for wood, chemicals, plastics and fibre glass, construction materials, oil and gas, food and textiles.
Due to popular demand J&B can now provide a complete waste management package for both blue chip organisations and SMEs such as offices, shops, and hotels etc having introduced successful collection services for "general waste" as well as the recycling of waste electrical items, batteries, confidential records, wood, glass, construction materials etc.
A broad range of shares drew buying, particularly textile, metal, glass, construction, and brokerage issues.
Majan Glass, Construction Material Industries, Gulf International Chemicals, Areej Vegetable Oil and Oman Fisheries increased by 5.
Contract award: maintenance, glass, construction and special cleaning and care of the grounds in the objects of the chemnitz school model and the heinrich-heine-gs.
Specialities is a generic term for products such as lubricants (motor oil), coatings (paint), surfactants (soap), adhesives (glue), crop protection (pesticides), fertilizers, food additives (flavourings), anti-oxidants (preservatives), cosmetics (hair dye), colours and pigments (fashionable dyes), glass, construction materials (cement), and polymers (clothes, windows, doors and carpets).
Oil, brokerage and metal product shares were the main gainers in early deals, with glass, construction and telecom issues the notable decliners.
Oman Fisheries, Majan Glass, Construction Material Industries and Galfar Engineering declined by 1.
Contract notice: Maintenance, glass, construction and special cleaning and care of the grounds in the objects of the chemnitz school model and the heinrich-heine-gs with the option of extension for 2 years; lose 1-2