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, Ger. Glatz, town (1994 est. pop. 30,600), Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. It is a commercial center with lumber and textile mills, metalworks, and sugar refineries. Founded in the 10th cent., it was capital of a county created in 1462.
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, Poland.
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Glatz as senior managing director, head of the bank's new SBA Lending Division, and David L.
1) Carol Glatz, "Vatican Statistics Report Church Growth Remains Steady Worldwide," Catholic News Service, May 2, 2014.
Glatz (1993) has noted: "The conflict between 'state' and 'nation' in the past century and a half could not be resolved.
Centered on 'Petite Pologne,' the map covers from the Baltic Sea to Transylvania and from Glatz to the border with Moscovie (Russia).
GBC is a new-level cryptocurrency", its developers, Chris Glatz and Wolfgang Weinmann, say.
We are very excited to be supplying Ricoy Supermercados," said Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Dr Frank Glatz.
Department of Transportation Keith Glatz to the new role of vice president of international affairs.
The Germans assumed that the Czechoslovak forces, not completely assembled, would cross the border and engage eleven German divisions and one cavalry division from Silesia and, in the area of Glatz (then part of Germany, now in southwestern Poland), attack deep into their flanks.
There is a growing trend for companies to look at ways to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment," says Frank Glatz, managing director of Cardia Bioplastics.
Nevertheless, and although the survey has not revealed material cultural remains that can be identified as "Kaskaean," Glatz et at.
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