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A sticky subsurface layer of clay in some waterlogged soils.



gleyed topsoil, the portion of the soil profile characterized by lack of structure, low porosity, and green, blue, dove-gray, or mixed dove-gray-red color. It is formed as a result of the gleying of soils, a complex set of processes predominantly microbiological and biochemical in nature, including reduction of mineral and organic substances with formation of unstable forms of oxides of iron, manganese, aluminum, and other elements accumulated in the soil; transformation of humic acids into fulvic acids; acidification of the soil reaction with entry into the absorbing complex of bivalent iron, hydrogen, and aluminum; destruction of alumosilicate minerals with neogenesis of clay minerals containing bivalent iron; and a number of other phenomena. It develops in various swamped and marshy soils in topsoils with difficult or no access to oxygen (under the influence of ground or surface waters). Gley exerts an adverse effect on the overwhelming majority of wild and cultivated plants. Reclamation of gleyed soils involves first of all drying them out—lowering the level of groundwater and eliminating excess surface waters. The term “gley” was first introduced into scientific literature by the Russian scientist G. N. Vysotskii (1905) and became international in soil science.


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5) peaty: poorly drained hydromorphic peaty gley soils (or histic gleysols), soil is wet in the superficial peat horizon periodically during the growing season or is wet for a long period, free water is commonly persistent at or near the surface;
Los suelos predominantes en estas areas se clasifican en: Ferralitico cuarcitico amarillo lixiviado (35%), Rojizo lixiviado (34%), Gley ferralitico (16%), Arenoso cuarcitico (15%), los cuales estan localizados en zonas ligeramente onduladas y llanas, presentando las siguientes caracteristicas: textura que va de arenoso a arcilloso.
Although PP lost in surface runoff was unaffected by soil type, SS losses were greater from the Pallic and Recent Gley soils than the Melanic and Brown soils (Table 2).
Redoximorphic features (Fe mottles, Fe-Mn concretions, gley colors) are abundant all over the profile due to frequent waterlogging and shallow water table.
1) Gley, in 1891, was able to differentiate the functions of the thyroid from those of the parathyroid glands.
The gley sits for two weeks and rots, but it doesn't decompose because it becomes anaerobic.
I ran through the high dense land, the gley, the riverside vines and lianas, - see how my plait came undone.
The concert will feature senior Matthew Gley on marimba playing two movements from Ney Rosauro's Marimba Concerto No.
Chairing the opening of this study day, the Minister of Communication Technologies, Mr Hadj Gley, said that the main aimAabehind the creation of the cyberpark Aawas to support young ICT promoters in setting up their projects.
The talk was attended by Minister of Communication Technologies El Hadj Gley.
The full grid has 33 sampling sites on 2 soil types, an organic and a gley soil (Ross et al.
Address : Immeuble Le Cinetic - Dafg Dam 1-5 Avenue Du Docteur Gley, 75020, Paris, F