thermohaline circulation

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thermohaline circulation:

see oceanocean,
interconnected mass of saltwater covering 70.78% of the surface of the earth, often called the world ocean. It is subdivided into four (or five) major units that are separated from each other in most cases by the continental masses. See also oceanography.
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In years to come, some will wash up on European shores, and some will reach the Arctic Ocean and continue along global conveyor belts of currents.
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Paulson cited FKI Logistex's advanced laser-cutting machinery, the new GS100 global series of low-cost palletizers, and the company's global conveyor project--all developed in the United States--as examples of overseas investment contributing to both the U.
Changes in the North Atlantic gulf stream - which Bartlein likes to call the global conveyor belt - will result in weather changes all over the world.
The chilling predictions are all down to the Global Conveyor Belt, a vast ocean current system in the Atlantic that dictates the climate of Britain and northern Europe.
The Global Conveyor Belt, which brings warm water up through the Atlantic, has slowed down by 20 per cent in 50 years, and wreaked havoc with the weather, the British Association science festival at Glasgow University heard yesterday.
The Global Conveyor Belt is a vast rolling ocean current system traversing the Atlantic which acts as a gigantic heat pump.
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It is ancient water, aged around 3000 years and sourced from a deep, undersea current known as the Global Conveyor Belt.

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