universal language

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universal language,

a language intended to further communication and goodwill among peoples speaking different languages without necessarily replacing their native tongues. See international languageinternational language,
sometimes called universal language, a language intended to be used by people of different linguistic backgrounds to facilitate communication among them and to reduce the misunderstandings and antagonisms caused by language differences.
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universal language

[¦yü·nə¦vər·səl ′laŋ·gwij]
(computer science)
A programming language that is widely employed to write programs that can be run on a wide variety of computers.
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NASDAQ: SAJA), a leading global language services and technology provider, today announced that The Floating Hospital has translated its website into Spanish using SiteSync, Sajan's website translation proxy technology.
Gradually it occurred to him that English wasn't the global language it is so widely believed to be.
So says the Global Language Monitor, which tracks this kind of thing.
In this slim volume David Northrup, a retired Boston College professor of history, gives a clear and concise account of the development of English into the twenty-first century's one truly global language.
IFRS are designed as a common global language for business affairs so that company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries.
The global language is English in all its local forms as even the French and the German have accepted.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The difficulty of learning a second language is as familiar as it perplexing aACAo no wonder the global language learning industry is worth a whopping $82.
Sajan is a provider of global language translation and localization services, helping clients around the world expand seamlessly into any global market.
She explains the social setting for English as a global language, the latest thinking about grammatical theory, and new theories of how first and second languages are learned and taught.
12 ( ANI ): The most commonly used word across the web in 2013 was 404, which refers to an online technical error code, the Global Language Monitor has claimed.
Arabic is not unique as a language to face this onslaught from the global language of English.
Global Language Monitor began compiling information about college rankings (and ratings) when it noticed a number of biases built into supposedly non-biased studies.

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