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multinational corporation,

business enterprise with manufacturing, sales, or service subsidiaries in one or more foreign countries, also known as a transnational or international corporation. These corporations originated early in the 20th cent. and proliferated after World War II. Typically, a multinational corporation develops new products in its native country and manufactures them abroad, often in Third World nations, thus gaining trade advantages and economies of labor and materials. Almost all the largest multinational firms are American, Japanese, or West European. Such corporations have had worldwide influence—over other business entities and even over governments, many of which have imposed controls on them. During the last two decades of the 20th cent. many smaller corporations also became multinational, some of them in developing nations. Proponents of such enterprises maintain that they create employment, create wealth, and improve technology in countries that are in dire need of such development. Critics, however, point to their inordinate political influence, their exploitation of developing nations, and the loss of jobs that results in the corporations' home countries.

multinational company


multinational corporation

a company which operates from a home base in one country with subsidiaries in others. The term transnational company has increasingly been preferred to describe large international corporations since they may not have an easily identifiable home base. World economy and trade is increasingly dominated by such companies which many authors see as outside the control of national governments. This raises issues of the control which such governments have over their own economies. Whilst the role of multinational companies has been decisive for the fate of THIRD WORLD economies and is central to the concept of IMPERIALISM and NEOIMPERIALISM, the largest companies have the majority of their investments in industrial countries. Investment in the Third World may not be the most important area for multinational companies, but they derive high profits from such investments and the effect on small Third World countries can be very significant. See also DEPENDENT INDUSTRIALIZATION, DEPENDENCY THEORY, UNEQUAL EXCHANGE.
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This is a real success story and they are soon to be a global player.
Summary: Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, recently cemented its position as a leading global player in the air cargo industry by winning the 'Best Air Cargo Carrier Middle East' award for the 18th consecutive year at the annual Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards.
In the upper levels of the Renaissance Center, GM executives are painstakingly moving along on a path the automaker set out several years ago to revamp the organization into a more nimble, global player.
A global player such as Sony is always a role model, and it's important to show the public that CSR is not just about telling the world how many wonderful contributions we make; it's about proving that we care, so that others can follow.
Long seen as an also-ran in consumer electronics, LG is now a formidable global player and one of the most recognizable brands behind only Sony, Samsung and Philips.
Over the past several years," continues Agoulnik, "the Kremlin has emerged, virtually unchallenged, as the dominant global player in natural gas.
In addition, South America and Southeast Asia will see significant growth in butadiene consumption, and India will become a significant global player in both butadiene and synthetic rubber.
Transammonia is a global player with 26 offices worldwide.
This acquisition will move SABIC from 22nd posittion to 11th position in the global petrochemical industry, and will establish SABIC as the third and fourth global player in the polyethylene and polypropylene businesses; respectively.
International integration helped Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar convert a mid-sized European nation into a global player.
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7 trillion in 2020, India is going to rank among top 10 global player by 2015 itself.

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