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small, dark formations within light nebulas and sometimes visible against the background of the Milky Way. They were discovered by the American astronomers B. Dzh. Bock and E. F. Riley in 1947.

Globules are dense masses of gas and dust ranging in size from 0.01 to 0.5 parsecs. In compact globules the mass of the dust is usually no greater than 0.001-0.01 times the mass of the sun, but the total mass may be as high as the mass of the sun. The mass of less compact large globules may be 2 to 10 solar masses or more. The gas in a globule is compressed by the pressure of the surrounding hot gas of the nebula, but because of the low weight of globules, stars may apparently be formed from them only in exceptional cases.


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Des traitements a vie et souvent inaccessibles Quand la maladie est diagnostiquee par les medecins, le seul traitement reste pour l'heure la transfusion sanguine de concentres de globules rouges.
Babies may be more settled on goats" milk due to easier digestion of smaller fat globules, softer curds, and twice the amount of easily absorbed Medium Chain Fatty Acids.
Wildlife campaigners say that oil globules the size of 50p pieces were washing along the south Devon and Cornwall coast and about a dozen oil covered birds had been washed ashore.
The results, show that the side-chain protons in the molten globules are significantly more mobile than those in the native protein.
Although logically interpreted as composed of mineral only, many globules were observed that at least resembled the globules of isolated matrix proteins that we had reported, as mentioned above.
And then there are the remarkable settings of flowers, the ribbons, the white-plumed birds, the naked underwater nymphs, the pearlescent, nay, tapioca-like globules of plastic.
The little globules of shining metal, when added to water, tore the water molecule apart as the metal eagerly recombined with oxygen, and the liberated hydrogen was heated to the point where it burst into flame.
The slick came ashore in globules attached to seaweed and other flotsam at Canvey Island, Essex.
The oil globules that form on the surface of the algae can be easily harvested and then refined using the same technologies with which the oil industry converts crude oil into everything from jet fuel to plastics.
The researchers report that this "globule of globules of globules" is fractal, meaning it is organized in such a way that it has the same pattern at all scales.