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name for a larval or wingless female fireflyfirefly
or lightning bug,
small, luminescent, carnivorous beetle of the family Lampyridae. Fireflies are well represented in temperate regions, although the majority of species are tropical and subtropical.
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Many experts believe numbers of glow worms (lampyris noctiluca) are on the decline due to pesticides, loss of habitat and light pollution.
Glow worms with spreading more light attract bait into itself and eventually share the victim with other worms.
A survey is aiming to track down the few remaining glow worms.
Reserves manager Phil Clark said: "While at Kenil-worth Common you will have a chance to see nature's torches - the de-lightful glow worm.
Barry Hills is still undecided over whether to reoppose with The Glow Worm, who also holds an entry in the King Edward VII Stakes at Royal Ascot.
There is no assurance that the Company will receive any orders for the Glow Worm.
Located in newly-built premises in Hexham's Priestpopple area, the shop offers an enormous range of fires from many well-known manufacturers such as Baxi, Glow worm and Kinder.
You have disclosed your dislike of the Welsh language and culture zealously, although your camouflage is as obvious as that of a glow worm in the mating season.
Oxford is not renowned for Thursday opens, but that is the day they have chosen this week and Glow Worm looks worthy of support in the sprint over 250m at 8.
Haami is another horse who likes to hear his feet rattle, but a wet Epsom would be just the business for Gulland, The Glow Worm and Courteous, whose trainer Paul Cole won the race in the same colours with Generous.
NEW YORK -- Glow Worm, a full-service agency and part of the Publicis Healthcare Communications network, has launched the first-ever consumer website for Finacea[R], a prescription gel used to treat mild to moderate rosacea, a chronic skin condition.
Codenamed exercise Glow Worm II, following a similar one last year, it will run over six hours.