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, dihydric alcohol in which the two hydroxyl groups are bonded to different carbon atoms; the general formula for a glycol is (CH2)n(OH)2.
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any of the monoethers of ethylene glycol having the general formula ROCH2CH2OH, where R represents a hydrocarbon radical.

The simplest cellosolves are colorless liquids that have a weak odor and are readily miscible with water and organic solvents. The boiling point of methyl cellosolve (R = CH3) is 124.6°C; that of ethyl cellosolve (R = C2H5) is 135.1°C; and that of butyl cello-solve (R = C4H9) is 171.1°C. Like alcohols, cellosolves form a number of derivatives, including alcoholates (such as CH3OCH2CH2ONa) and esters (such as ethyl cellosolve acetate, C2H5OCH2CH2OCOCH3, which has a boiling point of 156.4°C).

Cellosolves are produced by the reaction of ethylene oxide with the corresponding alcohols. They are used as solvents of esters of cellulose (mainly cellulose nitrates and acetyl cellulose) in the manufacture of movie and photographic film, paint, varnish, and lacquers. The cellosolves of some higher alcohols (from C10 to C20) are used in the production of surfactants.


(organic chemistry)
C2H5OCH2CH2OH An important industrial chemical used in varnish removers, in cleaning solutions, and as a solvent for paints, varnishes, and plastics. Also known as 2-ethoxyethanol.
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Rising demand for glycol ethers on account of their various applications including solvents in liquid soaps, cosmetics, cleaning compounds, resins, paints, perfume and inks is expected to fuel growth in the next seven years.
According to Dow, its butyl glycol ethers are versatile solvents that display a balance of several different physical properties including high performance, range of compatibility, fast evaporation rate, and 100% solubility.
Some products also contain irritant glycol ethers that can be absorbed through the skin, as well as ethanolamine - another respiratory and dermatological irritant.
Dr Andy Povey, senior lecturer in molecular epidemiology at Manchester University, said: "We know that certain glycol ethers can affect male fertility and the use of these has reduced over the past two decades.
The use of cleaning products containing both terpenes and glycol ethers in the presence of [O.
With Lyondell's strength in the production of propylene oxide, and our two world-scale Arcosolv PM plants, which now have a combined capacity of 190,000 metric tons, Lyondell confirms its commitment to be a leading supplier of propylene oxide-based glycol ethers.
Products: E-Series glycol ethers products, including: Butyl Cellosolve[TM] solvent (EB), Butyl Carbitol[TM] solvent (DB), Butyl Cellosolve acetate (EB acetate), Butyl Carbitol (DB acetate), Butoxytriglycol (BTG), Solvent GP, Butoxypolyglycol Basic, Carbitol solvent (DE), Ethoxytriglycol (ETG), Ethoxypolyglycol (EPG), Methyl Carbitol (DM), Methyl Carbitol fuel additive grade, Methyoxytriglycol (MTG), DALPAD[R] A, DOWANOL[R] EPH, DOWANOL EPH low phenol, Hexyl Cellosolve, Hexyl Carbitol, and Propyl Cellosolve solvent (EP)
The researchers suggest glycol ethers, found in paints, printing inks and thinners, may be to blame.
A standard presoak formula will contain good builders, surfactants with excellent wetting and penetrating properties and perhaps some solvents such as glycol ethers.
The transaction is expected to help Lyondell's earnings and cash flow as it continues to focus on expanding other PO derivative businesses, including propylene glycol, butanediol and propylene glycol ethers.
Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, also known as 2-butoxyethanol, is the most toxic of the glycol ethers.
Danger chemicals include those in the glycol ethers group used in the production of silicon chips.