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(graphic arts)
All typographic images, from letters and symbols to Chinese and Japanese characters.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrological glyphs are symbols that represent celestial bodies, signs, or other components of a horoscope. Glyphs constitute a kind of shorthand that allows astrologers to concentrate a large amount of information in a small space. To many new students of astrology, these symbols seem to constitute an unnecessary and difficult hurdle: Why not just write the names of the planets into the chart? But, once memorized, they are easy to use and are far preferable to drawing in other kinds of abbreviations. The increasing use of asteroids by astrologers has led to the proliferation of new, not particularly memorable, glyphs, as well as questions about who should have the final say on adopting new symbols. One proposal is that an interorganizational glyph committee, parallel to the International Astronomical Union nomenclature committee, be created to standardize new glyphs.


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Another red flag was the codex's simple illustrations and glyphs.
She further notes that a number of similar boxes have been found with the glyphs of rulers on them, and identifies the 7 Reed on the lid as referring to 1499.
The AB conditional discrimination was established first with glyphs, then with satellite images, and finally with nonsense syllables.
The more variations--such as bold or italics--and languages the font must support, the more complex it is, and the more glyphs a designer must create.
Beautiful glyphs emphasize the strength of life and the power of nature.
There are tiny glyphs all over the wall, bars and dots representing columns of numbers.
Still, one wonders why certain rare or obscure signs were included, such as the god of the number six, yet others were left out, in particular the glyphs for "white" and "headband.
There is something breathtaking about standing in front of a stone casket that once held Moctezuma's bloodletting instruments or his coronation stone, with its mosaic of glyphs proclaiming his place in the cosmic order.
Contemporary glyphs reflect a discomfort with long periods in nature.
It begins with the stories of three great decipherments - Egyptian hieroglyphs, Minoan Linear B and Mayan glyphs - and considers the remaining enigmatic scripts of the world.
David said: "Last year we learnt about typography, its art and the techniques of type glyphs.
The author begins with Maya calendric glyphs, specifically examining the chronology of the ruler of the Mayan city of Calacmul, Yuknoom Ch'een (circa CE 600-686).