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(graphic arts)
All typographic images, from letters and symbols to Chinese and Japanese characters.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrological glyphs are symbols that represent celestial bodies, signs, or other components of a horoscope. Glyphs constitute a kind of shorthand that allows astrologers to concentrate a large amount of information in a small space. To many new students of astrology, these symbols seem to constitute an unnecessary and difficult hurdle: Why not just write the names of the planets into the chart? But, once memorized, they are easy to use and are far preferable to drawing in other kinds of abbreviations. The increasing use of asteroids by astrologers has led to the proliferation of new, not particularly memorable, glyphs, as well as questions about who should have the final say on adopting new symbols. One proposal is that an interorganizational glyph committee, parallel to the International Astronomical Union nomenclature committee, be created to standardize new glyphs.


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The gods who were formerly believed to dominate Maya texts and art are put in their proper but vital place in Part Six, from Paul Schellhas' codification of the Dresden Codex to one of the two studies (Houston & Stuart) identifying the way glyph denoting an animal or spirit `co-essence' in Maya belief.
Representing more than 600 glyphs in all, VisiQuest Professional is priced at $995.
Though the `censer' glyph may seem weird, house censing as a dedication ritual is another quite acceptable hypothesis.
Most inscriptions are made up of a date; the name of the subject (often a king), which can take as many as 30 glyph blocks (several glyphs per block); and an event such as the capture of a lord.
To the left of the human figure, two overlapping glyphs superimpose a serpent on a filled circle [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7A OMITTED].
Using our Glyphics iPhone App, you can go to a location, create a glyph, and save it there.
glyphs, such as oldstyle figures, small capitals and swashes, in one
To explore the relationship between shape and meaning in greater detail, and specifically for star plot glyphs, we have designed the following experiments.
TheMayan calendar glyphs, for example, are depicted, translated, and promptly utilized to interpret the life history of Yuknoom Ch'een without any reference to some of the lengthy history of their decipherment by Foerstemann and others.
Among the new topics are new functions for multivariate normal and multivariate t distributions; MATLAB's new functionality for univariate and bivariate histograms, glyphs, and parallel coordinate plots; a new chapter on parametric models; and the expansion of the chapter on nonparametric regression to include information on more smoothers and additive models.
Pat Tenore and Amaze then reportedly schemed to cover the entire structure with colossal glyphs.
oracle bones, quipu, Mayan glyphs, and demotic script.