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see Schwäbisch GmündSchwäbisch Gmünd
or Gmünd,
city (1994 pop. 63,701), Baden-Württemberg, S Germany, on the Rems River, at the northern foot of the Swabian Jura Mts.
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, Germany.
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Born in Schwabisch Gmund, the 'thoroughbred car man' was responsible for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG until recently.
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Ferdinand Porsche, the celebrated German engineer had been interned in France after the Second World War and on his release he settled in Gmund in Austria where he and his son Ferry and Karl Rabe planned the first Porsche sports cars.
Johann, whose family have farmed on the Gmund am Tegernsee slopes for 400 years, said: "No standard nappies have been developed commercially yet.
Gmund yet another major name returning to Luxury Packaging launched a brand new product at the show.
I'm curious if and how I will be able to phone, it will probably be around 2,000 kilometres to Gmund.
Speakers at the conference will include Professor Peter Stone, head of the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University, Anneka-Susan Hackenbroich, from the University of Education Schwabisch Gmund in Germany, Tim Padley, curator of archaeology and Andrew MacKay, head of collections at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery Trust.
By February 1945, senior RAF officers 'on the hunt for more targets for 617 Squadron', the elite heavy bomber unit responsible for the celebrated dam raids of May 16,1943, and for sinking the battleship Tirpitz at its berth far above the Arctic Circle, were even considering bombing the Nazi Party's elite training establishment at Sonthofen, Gmund, and Falkenburg simply with the object of killing the students, who were supposedly "the toughest thing the Nazis have ever produced and.
Korbinian Kohler, of the famed Gmund fine paper-manufacturing family, purchased the property in 2010 to make the hotel into a premier social hub for locals and guests alike.
Turkey is planning to import livestock from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Finland (excluding Northem Ostrobothnia region), Sweden (excluding Vastmanland region), Greece (excluding Kilkis, Pella, Thessaloniki, Serres and Voreio regions), Austria (excluding Scharding, Bregenz, Hallein, Gmund, Salzburg-Umgebung, Perg, Lienz, St.