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You see it at the barre when a student does a grand battement--you have to feel being on both legs in fifth before going back on one leg.
There's a full-on fight to try to keep the city from going back to where it was.
Gather all the information you can about going back to school.
The prospect of going back sick and dying is not a nice one, especially when it includes disclosure and rejection in most cases.
The judge then had his wife call 911 before getting a gun and going back outside.
These isles have embraced the New Feudalism and there's no going back.
QI WAS 16 just before halfterm and I told mymum there was no way I was going back to school after the break.
And one thing is certain: there won't be any going back to the traditional risk manager role exclusively.
Life is very short and going back to Sudan to live under a military dictatorship was like poking out my own eye.