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small town, SW Nev., a former gold-mining center. Gold was discovered there in 1902, and after an early period of disappointment, large yields of high quality gold were extracted. A rush in 1903 built a remarkable city that had a theater, a large hotel (still standing), and fine residences. A strike by the miners caused federal troops to be brought into Goldfield in 1907. Production reached its height in 1910. When the boom ended in 1918, Goldfield declined as fast as it had risen.
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To the extent that Gold Fields pays the consideration in cash, it may seek to use cash on hand in Australia, cash from existing bank facilities, raise funds through the capital markets, or a combination thereof.
In recognition of the value of the infrastructure currently existing on the Property, the agreement also requires Gold Fields to provide the Company with a credit of $40 million in lieu of Yorbeau s future contributions to the joint venture.
Other projects funded through the Gold Fields' sponsorship include the equipping of the Mine Design Computer Lab, a substantial upgrade of the Rock Engineering Laboratory and the establishment of the Gold Fields Associate Lectureship programme.
Ian Cockerill, chief executive officer of Gold Fields, said:
Gold Fields is one of the world's largest unhedged gold producers, with annual gold production of approximately 4.
Charles Taschereau, Country Manager for Gold Fields in Burkina Faso stated that "the re-assay program will take five to eight months to complete and if successful, the new analyses could lead to an improved overall grade and a significant increase in the contained gold of the deposit.
for Gold Fields to acquire the 50% stake owned by Barrick in the developing
Martin, +1-303-796-8683, or fax, +1-303-796-8293, all of Gold Fields Limited
His most recent position was Vice President of Business Development concentrating on business development and exploration management for Gold Fields worldwide based out of Denver, Colorado.
Gold Fields shareholders (including holders of Gold Fields American Depositary Receipts) may also receive hard copies of the Form 20-F Annual Report upon request.
The parties have agreed that the cash contribution from Gold Fields' subsidiaries to Gold Fields International will be reduced by US$200m.
King will conclude his responsibilities with Gold Fields and is scheduled to commence with his appointment during the second quarter of 2006.