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Schumer explained that nematodes pose a growing threat to the potato industry and that if the golden nematode becomes established nationwide, it could cripple the entire potato industry.
Since breeders have yet to develop potatoes that resist pale cyst nematodes, it's important to be able to distinguish the pale cyst from the golden nematode.
If you only have one cyst, you can still use our method to confirm whether you have golden nematode or pale cyst nematode, and our method is relatively easy to perform," Wang says.
The system is one of several new technologies developed to distinguish the golden nematode from the pale cyst nematode.
Since 1966, scientists with USDA and Cornell and other universities have brought forth 31 potato varieties that resist golden nematode attacks.
The first 40 years of golden nematode control depended on fumigating infested fields with as much as 90 gallons per acre of chemicals," Brodie points out.
The watershed event in the war against the golden nematode was the 1954 discovery of a single gene whose presence could gird potatoes against the pest's attacks.
Fortunately for American potato farmers, Brodie and the Cornell researchers had, for the past decade, kept the fire going under a small project on pinpointing potato lines that would also resist exotic races of golden nematode - races other than their longstanding enemy, Ro1.
So we had begun developing different germplasm here and sending it to Peru for testing, since they have other races of the golden nematode there," Brodie explains.
We had some germplasm that was really good at resisting several races of the golden nematode, and we thought we'd simply make it available to other countries that already had those races," says Brodie.
as well as ARS potato breeding programs at Beltsville, Maryland, and Aberdeen, Idaho - in search of fresh weapons against the golden nematode.
We consider the golden nematode the most serious pest threatening the U.