Goldschmidt, Richard

Goldschmidt, Richard


Born Apr. 12, 1878, in Frankfurt am Main: died Apr. 25, 1958, in Berkeley, Calif. German biologist.

Goldschmidt worked in Münich, Berlin. Tokyo, and California. His early works were devoted to the study of protozoa and to a series of cytological and histological problems. In genetics he investigated (mainly in gypsy moths) the inheritance of sexual characteristics and the genetics of geographic variations, which led him to the formulation of questions midway between genetics and the theory of evolution. He was the author of a series of monographs.


Die quantitative Grundlage von Vererbung und Artbildung. Berlin. 1920.
Die sexuellen Zwischenformen. Berlin, 1931.
The Material Basis of Evolution. New Haven-London, 1940.
Theoretical Genetics. Berkeley-Los Angeles, 1965.
In Russian translation:
Mekhanizm ifiziologiiaopredeleniiapola. Moscow-Petrograd, 1923.