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(gō`lēăd), city (1990 pop. 1,946), seat of Goliad co., S Tex., on the San Antonio River, SE of San Antonio. It is a market for the surrounding farm region. A Spanish mission and presidio moved to Goliad in 1749. After the start of the Texas Revolution (1836), Goliad was seized by Texan forces under Col. J. W. Fannin. When Mexican troops advanced into Texas, Fannin evacuated Goliad with about 300 men but was overtaken. After a hopeless battle, he surrendered on Mar. 20, 1836; a week later most of the prisoners were shot by the Mexicans. The American settlement grew up across the river, and the restored mission and the ruins of the old presidio are in a state park.



a Baltic tribe mentioned in Russian chronicles of the 1 Ith and 12th centuries. The tribe lived in the valley of the Protva River, a right tributary of the Moskva River, between the Viatichi and the Krivichi. In the 12th century the majority of the Goliad’ was assimilated by the Slavs.

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31) Journalist Cecilia Balli reported in 2001 on a rising, rancorous debate among long-time residents of Goliad, Texas, about whether or not the term "massacre" even applies to the events of that Palm Sunday in 1836, with some Latino Texans preferring "execution" as a more accurate term.
La razon es que el general Ignacio Zaragoza, que dirigio a las tropas mexicanas, nacio en Goliad, Texas, que formo parte del estado mexicano de Coahuila.
GOLIAD, Texas -- Presidio La Bahia, the 261-year-old "Fort of the Bay" National Historic Landmark near Goliad, TX, welcomed -- "with a bang" -- a new member to the walled bastion's arsenal yesterday.
Carlos Cepeda, miembro del Comite Patriotico Mexicano de Houston, indico que el 5 de Mayo tiene una gran importancia en Texas, porque Ignacio Zaragoza quien encabezo la lucha contra los franceses nacio en Goliad, Texas, que en ese entonces aun pertenecia a Mexico.
4221% working interest in the Harper #2 well located within the Ramon Musquiz Survey, A-29, Goliad, Texas from Spanish Moss Energy Company, LLC.
Coker was previously with the City of LaGrange Housing Authority and served the First National Bank of Goliad, Texas as an Assistant Cashier and SunTrust Bank in Rome, Georgia as Operations and Security Officer.