Several Russian statesmen.

Gavriil Ivanovich Golovkin. Born 1660; died 1734. A count. As chamberlain, G. I. Golovkin was one of those closest to Peter I from the time of Peter’s childhood. He was a relative of Peter’s mother, Tsaritsa Nataliia Kirillovna-. He was a constant companion of Peter I in his travels. Beginning in 1706 he also headed the ambassadorial chancellery, later the Posol’ski Prikaz (Foreign Office). Beginning in 1709, he was a state chancellor. In 1718 he became president of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs. Simultaneously with the direction of foreign policy, Golovkin in his capacity as a senator took part in the formulation of internal measures. From 1726 to 1730 he was a member of the Supreme Privy Council. After the death of Peter II (1730). he supported Anna Ivanovna against the verkhovniki (members of the Supreme Privy Council who supported restricting the powers of the Throne) and was a member of her cabinet of ministers.

Mikhail Gavriilovich Golovkin. Born 1705; died 1775. M. G. Golovki η was the son of Chancellor G. I. Golovkin. In 1730, together with his father, Mikhail came out against the “conspiracy of the verkhovniki.” He was named senator following Anna Ivanovna’s accession (1730). In the government of Anna Leopol’dovna (1740–41) he exerted great influence. He was vice-chancellor for internal affairs. He came out against E. Biron, although he did not participate directly in his overthrow. After the palace coup of Nov. 25, 1741, which placed power in the hands of Elizaveta Petrovna, Mikhail Gavriilovich, as a confidant of Anna Leopol’dovna, was accused of high treason and sentenced to die. The sentence was changed to exile to Yakutia, where Mikhail died.

Aleksandr Gavriilovich Golovkin. Died 1760. The son of Chancellor G. I. Golovkin. A. G. Golovkin was the Russian ambassador to Berlin from 1711 to 1727 and to Holland from 1731 to 1759.


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