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(civil engineering)



a second name for the metric unit of measurement of a plane angle (grad), equal to 1/100 of a right angle: 1 ° = 0.01L.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has named one of his close aides, Kim Yang Gon, to head a ruling party organization that handles relations with South Korea, Yonhap News Agency reported Wednesday.
GON has received numerous international awards including Best Humor Publication and Best US Edition of Foreign Material through the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards presented at the 1998 COMICON in San Diego.
When we'd finished our excellent main course in Sai Gon, it was Robert who stood up, gazed out of the window and sighed: "Ah, yes, there's some beautiful architecture in Edinburgh .
In June 2009, US prosecutors announced they were dropping their case against Ye Gon for lack of evidence.
Kim Yang Gon arrived in Seoul on Thursday for a three-day visit.
Jon McEvoy is co-driver for Tony Jardine, ITV's Formula One analyst in this year's GON Cambrian Rally.
After Orlando Hudson's one-out single and Chad Tracy's double, Luis Gon zalez lifted a fly ball to medium-depth left field.
The top ten from Liverpool HMV this week is: 1 Ignition -R Kelly 2 Forget About Tomorrow -Feeder 3 Loneliness -Tomcraft 4 Take Your Shoes Off - The Cheeky Girls 5 Husan -Bhangra Knights 6 Rise and Fall -Craig David and Sting 7 Favourite Things -Big Brovaz 8 Girls and Boys -Good Charlotte 9 X Gon Give It To Ya - DMX 10 DoIt With Madonna - AndroidsWin a chart album of your choice by telling me the name of Feeder's lead singer.
In handing down the ruling to Taigen Gon, 62, Presiding Judge Masaki Wakahara said, ''Extremely lax and risky loans were made without investigating the business situation by ignoring the repeated guidance of the Saitama prefectural government.
Companies mentioned include NCX, MTC, GON, OLN, DSMKY.
Long as he move, he gon be pushed, Till they ain't no place to go - Time come when a man gotta make a stand And he ain't gon move no mo'.
Today, with a bookish art scene eager to prove it's still crazy after all these years (or perhaps imports from France have gon beyond theory to love of Jerry Lewis?