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Compared to male group, the female group showed significantly higher levels of the MDA in the hepatopancreas and gonad tissues, but the muscle tissues was lower (P less than 0.
This conclusion is based on three lines of evidence: 1) the presence of undeveloped bisexual gonads in small (generally <45 cm TL) fish; 2) a total lack of small mature males; and 3) the presence of a lumen, posteriorly fused gonadal lobes, and brown body remnants of yolked oocytes in the gonads of relatively large mature males (Sadovy and Shapiro, 1987; Sadovy de Mitcheson and Liu, 2008).
TABLE 1 Number of sampled gonads of Lutjanus analis for year in the Northeast of Brazil 1997 1998 1999 Total Localities M F M F M F M F Caicara do Norte (RN) 1 1 Baia Formosa (RN) 15 23 15 23 Pau Amarelo (PE) 2 2 Tamandare (PE) 1 1 Arembepe (BA) 21 30 21 30 R/V Martins Filho 17 9 17 9 F/V Reinaldo 8 8 8 8 Total 61 74 RN: Rio Grande do Norte, PE: Pernambuco, BA: Bahia.
Because the effects of in vivo Cd exposure have been described previously in mice treated prenatally with Cd (Tarn and Liu 1985), we used organ cultures of mouse gonads as our control.
By day 36, the end of the embryonic period, the gonads have differentiated into either testes or ovaries (Figure 4-4b).
The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) guidance notes state that gonad protection should be implemented whenever possible, (6) and ideally in all radiological procedures.
There were 5 streak gonads (the left gonad of patients 2, 6, 9, 10, and 13), which were all in an abdominal position.
For the Catarina scallop, an abnormal gonad has been observed occasionally, finding either a gonad that appeared to be only testis (completely white-cream in coloration) with no ovary area (orange-red color), or gonads with only ovary and no testis area.
The gonads and brains were fixed in Bouin's solution, embedded in paraffin, and 6 um sections were cut.
During the histological analyses of gonads, the characteristics of any trematodes found were recognized following the work of da Silva et al.
For Katla, Pb was exceeded the recommended value provided by FAO/WHO whereas Cd and Ni were within the guidelines except for Cd in the gonad.
The gonads in these individuals are asymmetric with bilateral ovarian and testicular tissue (in varying ratios), which may be separate or combined as ovo-testes.