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name for a low, annual leguminous plant (Arachis hypogaea) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family) and for its edible seeds. Native to South America and cultivated there for millenia, it is said to have been introduced to Africa by early explorers, and Africans
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19) When not shouting at the crowds about his goobers, Elmer liked to roam the tall buildings of the city, "indulging his hobby of riding in elevators.
We asked Andrew in Year 5 what his favourite snack at the tuck shop was, he said: "I love bubblegum goobers.
Although she seems happy, is active and eats well, her constant snuffling, congested breathing and spewing green goobers breaks my heart--and also has me frustrated.
2 will be advertising kingpin Jerry Della Femina, municipal bond guru Jim Lebenthal and Dan Crown of exhib Crown Theaters, who's got a killer bit on Goobers and Snowcaps.
Knows the what-ofs and what-nots of goobers, the briny-cooked variety.
Known as ground nuts, monkey nuts and goobers, peanuts are native to South America, where they have been cultivated for at least 3,500 years.
Add microwave popcorn, M&M's, Goobers and Twizzler's.
A recent addition is candy in large boxes like the ones sold in movie theaters, including Raisinettes and Goobers.
Your comments about the "fat cat" pistol owner with his "carry permit bought in a 'discretionary' state" could just as well have been made about toothless goobers and shall-issue states.
As a legume and close cousin to black-eyed peas, goobers are a gold mine of nutrients.
He seems unaware of any irony to his participation in this world, and something akin to ingenuousness colors his purchase of Chuckles, a Clark bar, and Goobers to eat during his autoerotic indulgence.