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which gives these nontraditional students enough time to commute to Good Shepherd and still be home in time to put their children to bed," says Leyk.
Some of the women who ended up at the Good Shepherd were alcoholics, others were prostitutes, but most of those taken in by the convent had committed only minor sins.
Again, the most important requirement for parents to be good shepherds is presence.
Stanley, MD, orthopedic surgeon, performed Jones' MAKOplasty[R], one of six performed at Good Shepherd on the first day.
Most Blessed Sacrament, once the largest Catholic school in the country, and the Good Shepherd school will shut down permanently at the end of the current academic school year in June.
Mary Ann Kehoe, RN, NHA, Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services, Ltd.
The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd, based in School Street, assists the poor, homeless and socially isolated people in Wolverhampton, including running a soup kitchen.
One other characteristic of a good shepherd is that of the sheep knowing him or her, and he or she being known by the sheep.
She was a graduate of the Good Shepherd School, and a lifelong resident of Uxbridge.