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payment, by a corporation that is a takeover target, of a premium price for the shares of its stock that have been accumulated by the potential buyer. In exchange, the potential buyer stops the takeover bid.


When companies threaten to close or relocate (often to another country) if they are forced to comply with environmental laws.
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Al-Zaidi, 28, who yelled: "This is a goodbye kiss, you dog" as he tossed the footwear, was being held by Iraqi security last night.
But they say Welshmen and women could be ruining their chances by not indulging in one of the key factors - a goodbye kiss in the morning.
Examples range from a goodbye kiss every morning to periodically leaving a love note on the refrigerator.
Now that goodbye kiss is a lot longer,'' Montague said Tuesday, as she recalled the tense moments of watching her husband and more than 350 other police and FBI agents corner and kill two bank robbers on television.
Women, on the other hand, yearn for surprise candle-lit meals, a daily goodbye kiss, holding hands in public and remembering anniversaries.
Zaidi, 28, who yelled "This is a goodbye kiss, you dog" as he tossed the footwear, was being held by Iraqi security last night.
The goodbye kiss at the airport is done with everything crossed knowing their safety is in the lap of the gods.
The 25-year-old pounds 70,000-a-year car designer, from Reading, Berkshire, left without a goodbye kiss for the Welsh hairdresser who tried several times to get him into bed during the show.
In hindsight, Roque said, she now understands why he became so nervous when they had a burglary attempt earlier this month, or why his goodbye kiss was so hurried, as if he did not want to linger long enough to become emotional.
The man yelled: "This is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog
However, she can't believe her eyes when she turns up at Perdy's and finds Gray giving you know who a goodbye kiss.