Google Cloud Platform

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Google Cloud Platform

The cloud computing services from Google.

Cloud Service          Purpose Google App Engine PaaS Google Compute Engine IaaS

 Cloud SQL              MySQL storage
 Cloud Storage          Online storage
 Cloud Datastore        NoSQL storage
 Cloud Bigtable         Massive NoSQL

 Container Engine       Docker containers

 BigQuery               Big Data

 Cloud DNS              DNS serving

 Cloud Endpoints        Client deploy

 Translate API          Translation

 Prediction API         Data analysis
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This solution combines our airline industry expertise along with Amadeus technology leadership to deploy a fully scalable remote instance of our content within the proven Google Cloud Platform.
We are excited to have successfully piloted this unique solution with the help of Lufthansa and the Google Cloud Platform offering worldwide deployment and reach.
Akamai s participation as a Google Cloud Platform CDN Interconnect Provider is intended to ensure that the Google Cloud Platform serves all in region traffic destined for the Akamai Intelligent Platform via a direct interconnect.
Akamai's participation is designed to reduce hosting and egress costs and improve performance for Akamai customers taking advantage of Google Cloud Platform.
CloudEndure, provider of live-migration and disaster recovery solutions, is teaming with Google to provide free migration into Google Cloud Platform.
Google is also working on adding support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, but why should you pick Google Cloud Platform over Azure?
Google Cloud Platform customers can take advantage of these new advanced
Support for IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Rackspace Public Cloud has been added to vCommander 5.
com/2013/4/10/4207894/google-babel-cross-platform-messaging-platform-rumors) Google Babel , the allegedly forthcoming service that most expect to unify Google's various messaging services via Gmail, G+ and the Google Cloud Platform.
Jaspersoft, the world's most widely used business intelligence (BI) platform has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Technology Partner.
The Google Cloud Platform Partner Program will provide "our partners with the tools, training and resources they need to successfully address your business' IT needs," wrote Eric Morse, who is Google's head of sales and business development for the Google Cloud Platform, in a blog entryannouncing the programme.
QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK) a leader in Business Discovery- user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Technology Partner.