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We recommend installing the free Google Picasa photo editor on your computer.
Zoner Callisto, Gimp, and any image viewer, we chose Google Picasa.
It offers the same menus on the screen -- including access to services like Hulu Plus, YouTube, AOL On, Rhapsody, Spotify, Live365, Pandora, PhotoBucket and Google Picasa -- and makes the same distinctive sounds.
Customers can access their images directly through the kiosk from such online-sharing sites as Facebook, the Kodak Gallery and Google Picasa Web albums to create and print premium photo products and Kodak Picture Movie DVDs.
He posted 10 to 12 images of a nude or sexual nature of his girlfriend and also of himself with her on to sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and Google Picasa, the court heard.
Topics taken up on the Palm Breeze Cafe webcast have included Google Picasa 2, Cool Science Tools, Career Education Resources, and AirSet.
According to the company, all of Cavalier's new and current Hi-Speed Internet subscribers will have access to Google's communications tools such as Gmail e-mail services, Google Calendar for shared scheduling, Google Product Search for shopping, Google Picasa for photos, as well as the Google Start Page feature, which will allow subscribers to create a customisable home page.
Expert" is the official PMA stamp of approval, and one that will start popping up at the top of consumer searches for local photo labs, including searches on computer networks like Microsoft Windows Vista, photo sharing and storage sites like Google Picasa, and wireless mobile carrier sites like Verizon Wireless.
chain drug retailers to deploy the KODAK Social Connectivity Module, which allows customers to access their photos directly from the kiosk from online sharing sites such as FACEBOOK, the KODAK Gallery, and GOOGLE PICASA Web Albums to create and print premium photo products such as duplex photo books, calendars, KODAK Personal Greeting Cards and KODAK Picture Movie DVDs.
0 allow consumers to use images from shared photo albums on social networks and imaging sites such as Facebook, Google Picasa and Kodak Gallery to create personalized premium photo products.
Have Fun with the Whole Family - Instantly turn a photo into a puzzle, apply artistic effects to images using icons and brushes, create greeting cards and calendars, or upload photo albums to Google Picasa for ordering prints online
In addition to Google Gadgets for Linux, gOS 3 Gadgets is being shown running Google Desktop as an alternative to Tracker, Google Picasa as an alternative to F-Spot, and Google Earth to complement the existing link to Google Maps.