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A social networking site from Google, introduced in 2011, initially by invitation only from other Google+ users. Although Google+ has not achieved the market share of Facebook as a social network, Hangouts is relatively popular. Following are some of the major features.

Hangouts supports messaging and audio and video calls across desktop and mobile devices. For example, it lets up to 10 users video call each other with callers visible in small windows, while the person talking displays in a large window. Hangouts on Air, which lets people broadcast live videos on their Google+ home page and YouTube channel, has been scheduled to end in September 2017 (users can employ YouTube Live for live broadcasting).

Friends and families are stored in Circles, which display as circular icons on screen. In order to better engineer privacy and who sees what, all posts, photos and invitations are shared by dragging them into the appropriate Circle, which remembers the last selection. Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Following (whom you follow) are the defaults, but any Circle can be created.

In 2015, the photo service in Google+ was spun out as a separate service (see Google Photos). See Google+ Ripples, Google+ Sparks and Google.
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