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There are also two ways in which access to local content has been optimised: firstly, Ghana's two Internet Exchange Points (which allow local exchange of Ghana traffic) are interconnected; and secondly, there is a local Google cache server which makes download and response times much faster.
Additionally, the company can clear the Google cache, ensuring that the records of the arrest won't appear on searches after the images have been removed.
The logo has now been removed from Wyse's website, though a webpage on Google cache still shows Wyseusing the logoas a way to describe cloud-computing thin client products.
And she pointed out that archives such as Google Cache, which store older versions of websites, are selective.
Not long after the report was picked up in other Bulgarian media, the profile disappeared from the agency's website and has also disappeared from the Google cache.
Once it's grabbed by an archiving site such as Google Cache or Wayback, it's generally out there forever, and you're at their mercy.
Other chapters cover maps, Google's Book Search, resources for finding historical information using the Google cache or the Wayback Machine, OpenSearch plug-ins and desktop search tools, and cutting-edge search engines.
com%2Fsponsored%2Fscientology%2Farchive%2F2013%2F01%2Fdavid-miscavige-leads-scientology-to-milestone-year-%2F266958%2F&sugexp=chrome,mod=16&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) here via a Google cache.
The availability of Google cache servers has encouraged more African Internet and content providers to exchange content locally, according to experts at last week's Africa Peering and Interconnection Forum in Accra, Ghana.
Google cache servers allow YouTube, search and other services to be available locally, which means lower latency for users because there is no international transit involved.
Because of the power of Google caches and several of the high profile web sites, including the area daily newspaper Akron Beacon Journal, the negative story from almost three years ago continues to remain high in the search engines.