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A logic operator having the property that if P, Q, R, … are statements, then the NOR of P, Q, R, … is true if all statements are false, false if at least one statement is true. Derived from NOT-OR. Also known as Peirce stroke relationship.


Not OR.

The Boolean function which is true if none of its inputs are true and false otherwise, the logical complement of inclusive OR. The binary (two-input) NOR function can be defined (written as an infix operator):


Its truth table is:

A | B | A NOR B --+---+--------- F | F | T F | T | F T | F | F T | T | F

NOR, like NAND, forms a complete set of Boolean functions on its own since it can be used to make NOT, AND, OR and any other Boolean function:





(Not OR) A Boolean logical operation that is true if all inputs are false, and false if any input is true. An exclusive NOR (XNOR) is true if both inputs are the same. See flash memory and NAND flash.

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On the occasion, Director Archeology said the preservation and conservation work on Governor Paolo Avitabile Complex, situated in western gate of the Gor Khatree Archaeological Complex in Peshawar, executed and its structure would be rebuilt and restored in its original form adding "Conservation work on lower portion, eastern side of Gor Khatree complex, has been accelerated.
area and support to the GOR to implement the same; (iii) assistance to RUIDP (as corporatized
After returning from Gabon, Gor have began their title defence with two victories on the bounce, both by 1-0 against Nairobi City Stars and Mathare United, proving they are on fine fettle as they prepare for the Esperance test.
He also directed Secretary Tourism and Archaeology, to send a summary to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for taking the whole Gor Khatri building from the possession of various departments including district government and town administration and handover it to the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology.
The SCN demanded of Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports Syed Aqil Shah to look into the matter and halt further damage to Gor Gathri by the concerned department.
Right on cue, Esperance sought to go for the sucker punch in the final 10 minutes but Gor held firm and will go to Tunisia confident that they can cause the greatest upset in the tournaments history by knocking Esperance out in their own backyard.
Confirming that they have received the note Gor Mahia Secretary General Chris Omondi said : "Our position is that Gor Mahia is a society and therefore are not supposed to pay taxes.
No disrespect to the quality of the Kenyan Premier League but like the latest table would indicate and in addition to the haul of four league titles in five years, Gor are clearly head and shoulder above the rest.
Organize publication of a GoR approved Investment Framework to serve as a practical guide for GoR efforts to
We got a chance," Gor Mahia's chief executive Lordvick Aduda said on Thursday.
Kericho is known for its cool weather often accompanied by light showers but at the Green Stadium yesterday it rained goals as Gor Mahia drubbed hosts Zoo Kericho 4-2.
It is notable that gas content of the fault segments increases from low GOR (less than 1,000-1) oil production with no gas cap in the south flank to oil with gas caps on the east and west flanks to gas/condensate reservoirs on the north flank with GOR exceeding 100,000-1.