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Smith, Gordon (b. 1962)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

As a child, Scotsman Gordon Smith had many of the psychic experiences that seem to be common among psychics and mediums. His abilities didn’t come to full bloom until he was twenty-five years old, with the clairvoyant and clairsentient contact of his friend’s recently deceased brother. Smith is the seventh son of a seventh son—traditionally one who would have “the second sight.” After the death of his friend’s brother, he went with her to a Spiritualist service at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists, in Somerset Place, where medium Mary Duffy told him he was going to become a medium himself and that he should join a development circle. It was some time before he found one on Glasgow’s West Princes Street, run by Jean Primrose. He attended that for six years, gradually developing as a medium.

One Sunday when a scheduled medium failed to turn up at a Spiritualist church, Smith was urged to fill in. He did, and did very well. From then on, he worked for a while with Mrs. Primrose but soon was continuing alone, both at his own church and at others around the Glasgow area.

In January, 1995, Smith was invited to share the platform with Irish clairvoyant medium Albert Best, at the 130th anniversary celebration of The Glasgow Association of Spiritualists. Again he performed well and greatly impressed Best, who had a tremendous reputation. Consequently Best took Smith “under his wing” and taught and encouraged him until Best’s death in 1997.

Over the years, Smith has made a name for himself as “the medium who provides exact names, dates, places, and even street names.” Like his mentor Albert Best, Smith is outstandingly accurate. His extraordinary skills have attracted the attention of university scientists researching psychic phenomena, together with countless numbers of journalists and documentary film makers. Psychic researcher Professor Archie Roy of the University of Glasgow said that the information received from Smith has been “highly accurate” and that the probability of it being due to chance was “one in a hundred million million million.” Despite his success, Smith has never given up his regular job as a Glasgow hairdresser. He says, “I am not an evangelist. I’m not out to change the world. This is a healing thing. I only want to prove it to those that need it … I don’t just believe that life goes on after we die; I know it.”


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